Giveaway: Get Freedom 251 Smartphone for Free

By | February 26, 2016
Hello Everyone!
We are placed to let you know that we’ve decided to giveaway of 3 Freedom 251 Smartphone’s to our site readers. As you know that Freedom 251 has already closed booking of this Smartphone because they has already received more than 7 crores orders so due to big number of delivery process they has stopped  the booking for new users.
If you’re one of them who want this mobile phone but can’t be able to buy It from their official website then don’t worry because we are going to giveaway 3 Freedom Smartphone’s to lucky winners and you may got amazed that we are going to giveaway these cell phones without even a single penny.

Giveaway: Get Freedom 251 Smartphone for Free

As you know that we are not going to charge you any money but for winning this giveaway you must need to do some struggling. All you need to do is to simply follow below simple steps and within just 5 days we will announce 3 lucky winners and after it we will also delver Freedom 251 to their home address, so if you want to get this cell phone then don’t miss this amazing offer.

Lucky Winners are:

1. Ava Ethan
2. Karan Singh
3. Asim Khan


We congrats to all winners and request them that please be patient, we will soon contact you and deliver your mobile phones to your address however If you’re not be able to win this giveaway then don’t lose hope because within just few days we are again going to giveaway of more than 6 Freedom 251 Smartphones, so stat tuned us. Thanks

How to Maximize Entries to Win this Giveaway?

There is very simple and easy process to increase entries in this giveaway. After completing above all steps, if you still want to maximize you entries then you can do it simply by sharing this giveaway in facebook groups, twitter profiles, Google+ pages or any other source that you can use to get your friends on this page.

Please don’t forget to mention groups, Profiles or Pages URLs while contacting us because we can track it and will increase your points in this giveaway.

Rules of Giveaway for Winning Freedom 251

1. We will run this giveaway only for 5 days.

2. Winner will be announced after 5 days, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

3. You can maximize your entires by sharing this giveaway with your friends on facebook pages, groups, profiles etc.
4. Please don’t use fake ids or any spamming method to share this giveaway otherwise your entry will be deleted.
5. After giveaway results our support team will contact you as quick as possible.

6. Share your feedback about this giveaway in comment section.

How to Contact us, if you’ve Make Extra Entries?

This is one of the best way to increase you entries. After posting this giveaway on all possible sources, you can simply fill below form and contact us.

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Our support team will save your entries in our database and if you will be able to make maximum entries within 5 days then you will be the winner of this giveaway. Wait! Not only one person, we will be able to give Freedom 251 to 3 different persons, so start sharing this giveaway with your friends and maximize your entries to win this awesome Smartphone.