Freedom 251 is using Apple's Copyright Designs without Permission

By | July 3, 2016
Freedom 251, a recently launched $4 Mobile Phone, created by a Noida based company, is creating waves around the world for its pricing.

Though Freedom 251 is based on Android platform. Ringing Bells, the company which is selling Freedm 251, also said that the phone will come preloaded with many government apps such as Swachh Bharat, etc.

Though the company says that they are promoting Indian Government’s Make in India product, but they seem to be following a policy of Fake in India! The reason why we say this is, if you notice the below images, you will see that Freedom 251 has shamelessly copied Apple’s copyright designs. See the image:

In the above image, the first 2 screenshots are from Freedom 251 and the third screenshot is from Apple’s iPhone.

One of the leading Indian newspaper asked the company about possibility of Copyright violations, the Technical Head of the company said that it is ok as Apple has not copyrighted it’s icons.

This may not be 100% true. Apple is one company which will not let its designs be freely available in the market. Here is a screenshot, which clearly states the company’s rights on its designs:

The above screenshot has been taken from Apple‘s official website.

“Ringing Bells declined to state whether the company has a license from Apple.” ~ Hindustan Times